Welcome to the Madaster platform!

On this page you will find additional information about the use and development of the Madaster platform.


General manuals

  • Open the Madaster Quick Start Guide – this briefly describes the necessary steps from registration to the creation of a materials passport in Madaster.
  • Read the manual Madaster Action plan - this document describes the necessary process steps that lead to the delivery of a materials passport in the Madaster platform.
  • Read the manual How to add products in Madaster – this document describes in detail how to add different product types in the Madaster platform
  • Download the Madaster Material List 2019 EN UK - it displays the materials in Dutch and English that are standard in the Madaster database.

BIM-specific manuals & templates

Reference works

  • Read the Madaster Circulariteit Indicator explaned document – this describes in detail the operation of the Madaster Circularity Indicator (MCI) as well as the underlying methodology.

Madaster Servicedesk

Do you have questions? Contact Madaster by telephone 0031 85-0601242 or e-mailadress service@madaster.com.

Release Notes

More information about the releases can be found here: