What information is shown here?

If, as an account owner/user with access to the account level, you have clicked on the [icon triangle] plus the account name, the main screen will show the maps of the folders with which this account is organized at the highest level.


  • General; access to the highest level of folders that form the organization of your account;
  • Materials & Products; access to the database of materials and products associated with your account and/or to which you have access;
  • File; files and documents you wish to store with your account;
  • Users; users who have access to your account, the folders, subfolders and buildings within your account;
  • Type of folders; different types of folders that you can use to organize your account in a way that suits your organization.


  • View; here you can choose between the main screen view: map view or list view.
  • Folder name +; allows you to create a new folder of this specific folder type;

By choosing the ‘list view’, there is a total overview of all underlying folders and building. It is also possible to search through the search window (click on the word ‘search’).

Main window: the ‘maps’ of folders directly below this level. An account can be organised by means of ‘folders’. The available folders can be found here in the main window. By clicking on the map of a folder, you open this folder””.”