What information is shown here?

Here you will find the database of materials and products known within the Madaster Platform. Detailed information about this can be found here. In addition, you can manage your own folders via the ‘File folders’ tab, which can be found in the file tab underneath the building. Under the tab classification methods you can find the available classifications to which elements from a source file can be linked.

Dossier folders

On this tab you can find your own folders under which you can save files in the ‘file’-tab underneath a building. Initially only the folder ‘Personal files’ is available here. You can select this folder, after which a number of options become available to execute. You can rename the folder or add a subfolder. You can add up to 3 layers of deep folders and thus create your own desired folder structure. You can also rename, delete and move the folders you have created yourself. Only the main level cannot be deleted or moved.

Classification methods

On this page you will find a detailed overview of the classification structures (e.g. NL-SfB, eBKP and Omniclass) that are known within Madaster for your country. For this method, all codes that are known and to which ‘Layer of Brand’ it is linked are listed.