What Information Is Shown Here?

For all buildings with active IFC source files, a 3D model is shown. The model can be filtered and orbited, and properties for individual objects can be displayed.

For each active IFC source file, the geometry can be organized and filtered in the following two ways:

  • Storeys; IFC elements are grouped by building storey, then by IFC element classes per building storey.
  • IFC Classes; IFC elements are grouped by IFC Class.

Each IFC source file, storey, and IFC element type can be expanded until unique IFC elements are shown within the hierarchy. By right clicking within the left tool bar, IFC source files, storeys, IFC element types, and unique IFC elements can be isolated, hidden, shown, or viewed in X-Ray.

Toolbar (Botton)

Using the bottom toolbar, the model can be displayed in full screen, and navigation and properties panes can be shown and hidden. Elements can be selected to view thier properties, viewed in X-Ray, or hidden. Lastly, the model geometry can be reset to the original default view.

Properties (Right)

For a selected IFC element, the following properties are displayed:

  • IFC Element Name; name of IFC element.
  • GUID; IFC element Global Unique Identifier.
  • Class; IFC element class.
  • Type Name; IFC element type.
  • Materials; material assigned to IFC element within the Madaster Platform.
  • Volume; volume of IFC element.
  • Height; height of IFC element.
  • Width; width of IFC element.
  • Length; length of IFC element.
  • Excluded; whether or not an IFC element is excluded from buidling calculations.