What information is shown here?

The information shown in this table is based on the active source files that have been uploaded for this building. The table is horizontally organized into seven materials families and vertically divided into the different layers a building can consist of.

The first column (‘Totals’) indicates per material family the percentage of applied materials and products for the complete building. In addition, the weight and the volume of each material type is displayed.

The other columns indicate the same for each specific layer of the building.

In case there is no classification attached to an element (material or product) in the IFC or Excel source file, the element will be displayed in the column ‘Unknown’. If there is no match between the element and the Madaster database, the material family is unknown. Therefore the element will be visible in the column ‘Unknown’ under the 6 material families.

You can retrieve more detailed information about the materials and products by clicking on the separate circles.

In addition, it is possible to click on each layer of a building, for example ’Structure’ and ‘Services’. Subsequently, a new screen opens where you gain insight into the applied products per building layer. Here you can filter on keyword(s), classification method (left column) or floor.

Filter and switch
In this view you can use the filter and ‘view-switch’. You can filter on materials by entering keywords in the filter section. The keywords will affect the results in the circles. To delete the filters you can click on the cross next to them. By clicking on the ‘view-switch’ the material families and the building layers will be switched, which gives you a different view of the same data.

When a specific product is selected (in the middle of this screen), you can see more product information on the ‘Material’, ‘Product’ and ‘IFC’ tabs (at the right-hand side of the screen).