What information is shown here?

After opening a building, you will go to the details page for the building. This page contains general information. There, you will see a summary of the data entered. Below that, there is a table that shows the degree of completion of the materials entered, as well as an overview of the active source files that have been uploaded to this building. At the bottom of this page, you see the users who can access the building, and the privileges that have been assigned to them.

How are the tabs organized?

Information about the building is organized in a number of tabs: ‘General’, ‘Building’, ‘Building Process’, ‘Circularity’, and ‘Dossier’. The ‘Building’ tab gives an overview of all materials and products used per building layer. The ‘Building process’ tab, displays information about the materials and products used in the various stages of the building process. The ‘Dossier’ tab contains all relevant building files that are uploaded, as well as the materials passports created for this building. For each tab, you can retrieve additional information by clicking the ‘information’ symbol at the right side of the bar. In this manner, you can quickly access relevant information about this tab.

How can I customize the data of a building?

Scroll down on the ‘General’-tab and click ‘Customize building’. After this, you will go to a page where you can change data, such as the name, address, and the cadastral information of the building. Click ‘Save’. Now, the data is changed.

How can I move a building to another portfolio?

You can move a building to another portfolio by clicking on ‘Move building’ under the general tab. You will see a dropdown with available portfolios where to the building can be moved. Be aware: this can have influence on the permissions of the users who can access the building.

How can I add users to a building?

Go to the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Add user’. Enter the e-mail address of the user you would like to add. If the person you are adding is already registered by Madaster, they will have immediate access to the portfolio. If the person is not a registered user, they will receive an e-mail explaining how to register. Select the role you would like to assign to the user and click ‘Save’. See the following section for more information on the different user roles. The users that you add to a building, will only be able to access that particular building. They cannot view the other buildings within the portfolio. Would you rather grant a user access to all buildings in one portfolio? Then, you add the user to the portfolio, instead of to the building.

How can I change the roles of users who have access to a building?

Go to the ‘General’ tab. Click ‘Edit permissions’. A new page is opened, where you can change the privileges for each user. This is only possible for users who got permission to the building. For users whom have permission to the whole portfolio, you can change the permissions on the ‘portfolio’-tab and not on the ‘building’-tab. Click ‘Save’.

Roles on building-level:

Building level Administrator Manager Reader
View building Yes Yes Yes
Customize building Yes Yes No
Delete building Yes No No
Add and delete users Yes No No
Add and change materials and products Yes Yes No
Export materials passport Yes Yes No
Download materials passport as a PDF-file Yes Yes Yes

How can I delete users?

Scroll down on the ‘General’ tab. Click ‘Edit permissions’. A new page is opened. On the right of each user, a wastepaper basket icon is displayed. Click on the wastepaper basket icon behind the user you would like to delete. Now, this user can no longer access the building’s data.

How can I export the entered data to a PDF file in order to create a materials passport?

After uploading the source files for the building, you can create a materials passport. Files with an ‘Active’ status will be included in the materials passport. You can use this functionality, to export all active data to a PDF file, which you can download to your computer, and can print.

Scroll down on the ‘General’ tab. Click ‘Publish materials passport’. The file that you are making is saved on the ‘Dossier’ tab for this building. From this tab, you can always download the created file again, or you can view or delete the file. After publishing the material passport this page will automatically open. Click on the dots next to the file to view/download/remove/change or move the file.