What information is displayed here?

At the account level, users can be added with four different role and permission levels. From the users page, you can invite users or generate a so-called ‘api-key’ to give another system access.

The table provides insight into who has rights within the account, on the folders, subfolders and/or buildings. The tabled can be grouped by users, role, or object the permission was given on.

How can I delete users or change their role and permission?

A user can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon on a user row. A user’s role and permission can be modified by clicking on the pen icon on a user row.

Available roles and rights at the account level:

Account level Administrator Manager & contributor to database Manager Reader
Creating and modifying folder types Yes No No No.
Creating folders Yes Yes Yes No
Creating database Yes No No No
Contributions to database created on account or shared with account with at least contribution rights Yes Yes No No