Madaster Circularity Indicator (CI) concept

The Madaster Circularity Indicator gives each building a score of 0-100% and is determined based on the data recorded in Madaster by the user. A building constructed entirely from new materials and ending on a waste heap is a fully ‘linear’ building and scores 0% on the CI. On the other hand, a building that consists entirely of recycled materials or products and can be completely reused in the future, is a completely ‘circular’ building and scores on the CI: 100%. In practice, buildings will have a score between 0-100%.

The CI assesses both on product and building level on circular values in 3 different phases of the building’s life:

Construction phase : what is the ratio between “new” and “recycled, reused or renewable” raw materials?

Use phase: what is the expected life span of the products used compared to the average life span of comparable products?

End-of-life: what is the ratio of ‘waste’ to ‘re-use or recycling’ of materials and products released during the renovation or demolition of a building?

The CB assessment has 2 different determination methods:

  • Building Circularity Indicator: CI score of the building based on the available data;
  • Madaster Circularity Indicator: Corrected Building CI score based on correction factors.


The Building CI is corrected by two factors that include the completeness of the data set recorded in Madaster in the total score. A circular building and associated Materials Passport only works for products and materials that have been properly recorded. The correction is based on the completeness of the model based on the percentage of the mass of which the material is unknown, and the completeness of the model based on the percentage of the mass of which the NL-SfB coding is absent.

Note: the circularity assessment is still under development within the Madaster Platform. At this moment the results shown here have a low reliability. If the Circularity Indicator has made a next step that increases the reliability, this will be communicated (here).

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A detailed explanation of the Madaster Circularity Indicator is also available.