Madaster Circularity Indicator (CI)

The Madaster Circularity Indicator assesses the level of circularity of each building between 0 and 100% based on the users uploaded information to Madaster. A building that has been constructed from virgin materials and ends up as waste after a shorter than average lifespan is a fully “linear” building with a Madaster CI of 0%. On the other end of the spectrum, a building constructed from reused and/or rapidly renewable materials that can be disassembled and easily reused elsewhere at the end of the lifetime is a “fully circular” building with a score of 100%. In practice most buildings will have a score anywhere between 0-100%.

The Madaster CI assesses a buildings and products on three phases within the building’s lifetime:

Construction: what is the proportion of ‘virgin materials’ compared to ‘recycled, reused or rapidly renewable materials’?

Usage: how long are products and materials used compared to average lifetimes of similar products?

End-of-life: what is the destination of the materials or products of a building at the end of the lifetime? Will they be reused, recycled or wasted?

The Madaster CI uses 2 different types of assessing:

Building Circularity Indicator: the CI score for the building based on the available information uploaded by the users

Madaster Circularity Indicator: Building Circularity Indicator adjusted for missing information.


The Building Circularity Indicator is adjusted by 2 factors that judge the completeness of the dataset that was uploaded by the user to Madaster. A circular building and its Materials Passport only works if all the materials and products are properly documented. The adjustment is based on the completeness of the model based on the percentage of the mass for which the material is unknown, and the completeness of the model based on the percentage of the mass for which the NL-SfB coding is available.

Note: the circularity assessment is still being developed within the Madaster Platform. At the moment, the results shown here have a low reliability. If the Circularity Indicator has made the next step that increases reliability, it will be communicated (here).

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A detailed explanation of the Madaster Circularity Indicator is also available.