What information is shown here?

When you log on to the platform, you will automatically go to the home screen. After registering as a user, you will be presented with an empty portfolio that you can set up. All portfolios and buildings that have been added to the account, either by you or another user, are displayed here. See the Portfolios section for more information. From this overview, you can go to one of the buildings you added or you can open a portfolio, choose a building from that portfolio by clicking on it, or add a building if you have the proper authorization.

How can I return to the home page when I am on another page?

You can always return to the home page by clicking the Madaster logo in the upper left corner of the page you are on.

How do I navigate easily and quickly through the platform?

Every page shows you the so-called crumble-path. You can always return to a page you have visited before by using this breadcrumb-navigation. The example down here shows that the building ‘Empire 2’ is opened. From this building, you can return to the portfolio by clicking on the portfolio-name ‘Erik zijn portfolio’, or you can return to the portfolio-page or home-page. From every page, you can go back one or more steps by clicking on one of the items in the breadcrumb-navigation

Home > Portfolio’s > Erik zijn portfolio > Empire 2