The financial tab

The financial tab shows the end value of the materials within a building at the end of the different life end of life times. Besides that, it shows the value of the materials within a building today and in the future. So the financial tab does not show a building value based on any taxation methodology that is used nowadays. It contains the value of materials on itself excluding the value of the plot. With the navigation on the top of the page, different calculation methods material groups and layers of brand can be selected.

Which number represents the end value of materials within a building?

The end value of the different shearing layers of Brand is calculated with a net present value assuming the life time of the different layers of Brand. These values can be adapted on the general page. The value is calculated with future predictions of material value. Assuming that ‘short lifetime layers’ are not replaced or removed at their end of lifetime, the net present value of a building is dependent on the lifetime of a building. This lifetime can be generated in the material levels page. This net present value calculation can be reviewed for the years in the future in this page. Todays value of materials can also be found in this page.