What information is shown here?

You will find all the folders created in this account here. A folder can be seen as a specific collection of subfolders and/or buildings. In the Navigation drawer the folder structure is visible and can be folded in/out to keep an overview of all folders, subfolders and buildings you have access to.


The presence of tabs may vary depending on the type of folder. In any case, three tabs are present:

  • General; general information about the folder;
  • File; files, documents stored with this folder;
  • Users; users who have access to this folder, the subfolders and/or buildings that are located in this folder; If it is possible to add buildings to a folder, the tab will still appear:
  • Buildings; here you can select all buildings that are located in this folder or subfolders.

BUTTON BAR between the blue lines


  • View; choose between ‘map view’ or ‘list view’;*
  • Edit; modify the name, description and logo of this folder;
  • Move; move the folder to another folder;
  • New folder (if applicable); use the dropdown menu to create a subfolder in this folder;
  • New building (if applicable); choose to create a building in this folder;
  • Nieuwe database; Create a new database for this folder and underlying subfolders and buildings. Multiple databases can be created per folder;
  • Create materials passport (if applicable); create a materials passport for all -to be selected- buildings in this folder or subfolders.

  • By selecting the ‘list view’, there is a total overview of all underlying folders and building. It is also possible to search through the search window (click on the word ‘search’). The ‘map view’ only shows the maps with image of the folders that are directly present in this folder.


  • Upload; upload files to the file of this folder.


  • Add user; add a user or invite a new user.
  • Add API token; Generate an API token to invite a system as a user.

BUILDINGS (if applicable)

  • Filter; filter to search for specific materials or products;
  • View; change the column/row view;
  • Buildings; the possibility to select one or more buildings that are located in this folder or in subfolders. If there are buildings in the folder, the Buildings tab screen offers an overview (aggregation) of all materials and products, which are located in the selected buildings.

ADD A NEW FOLDER (if applicable)

  • Click on ‘new folder’.
  • Enter the name of the folder.
  • Choose a suitable image. If you don’t have a suitable image yourself, you can choose not to select one. The system will then link a standard image to this folder.
  • Click ‘Save’. The folder you just created will open and you can start working with it right away.

How many folders can I create? Every business user, who has rights to create a folder, can create as many folders as desired. There is no limit set. Private users can create multiple buildings in their account, but no folders.


Click on the name or image of the folder you want to open. You will now see an overview of the buildings added to this folder and an overview of the users who can view and edit this folder.


A folder can only be deleted if it does not contain any building(s). Are there still buildings in the folder? If so, you should first remove or move each building, after which you can delete the folder. If there are no more buildings in the folder, a ‘delete’ button will be displayed and you can use the dialog to delete the folder. Note: existing files and passports that are in the folder’s file will also be deleted. Note: deleting a folder cannot be undone!


  • Click on the name or image of the folder to open it.
  • Click on ‘customize folder’.
  • Modify the name, description or logo.
  • Click on ‘Save’.


If the type of folder allows it, you can add multiple buildings in one folder.

  • Click on the ‘Add building’ button.
  • Fill in the requested data. The fields that are required to be filled in are shown with a *.
  • Click on ‘Save’. You will see the new building in the opened folder.

How many buildings can I add in a folder?

Each user can add as many buildings to a folder as desired. There is no limit set, as long as the limit of square meters within your subscription has not yet been reached.