Last updated: May 18, 2024

What information is shown here?

This tab provides information about the files uploaded at this highest level of this account.

Here you can add new files and change the status of a file. The files can be any type of file, such as management and work documents, certificates, contracts, and so on.

Files can be added in Folders, Tags can be used to filter them.

Toolbar (under the navigation tabs)

  • Upload: upload a file and tag it with a search term.
  • Recalculate: manually trigger a recalculation of your (active) source files. If these files are edited or manually activated, a recalculation should be done in order to update the information and numbers on the other tabs. This button is only visible if a file is changed and recalculation should be done.


On uploading a file, you can define what type of document is uploaded. Source files are put in their own source files overview. Generated passports are placed in the general document overview.

In case of “General document” you get to set the folder in which it should be placed. Your choices are:

  • Contractual agreements
    • Terms and conditions
    • Quality assurance declarations
    • Contract documents
    • Record of delivery
  • Usage, Maintenance & Renovation
    • Warranties
    • Information for usage, maintenance and renovation
    • Construction, building concept and plot
    • Carcass construction
    • Replaceable building elements
    • Kitchen & kitchen appliances
    • Sanitary facilities
    • Mains water installation and building drainage
    • Heating installation
    • Ventilation system
    • Electrical installation
    • Fire safety
    • Soil & bottom

Note that there are no restrictions or validation on these documents and their selected folder, just for your own administration and order.

On the left side you can use the checkboxes for type of file or folder to filter your view of the documents available.