Welcome to the Madaster platform!

On this page you will find additional information about the use and development of the Madaster platform.


General manuals

  • Read the Madaster User Manual – This manual describes in detail the functionalities of the Madaster platform and how they can be applied.
  • Read the Madaster manual for adding Products – this document describes in detail how different product types are added in Madaster.
  • Read the Madaster Actionplan Material passport - this document describes the necessary process steps leading to the delivery of a materials passport in the Madaster platform.
  • Read the Manual for requesting a Madaster passport - This document provides a manual on how to request a Madaster materials passport in a tender text. In addition, it offers concrete example sentences that can be used in the application.

BIM-specific manuals & templates

  • Download EPEA Generic material list - This shows the generic materials and products available in Madaster, with average values for material composition, circularity and embodied carbon. The list shows description, as well as name and search criteria that will give hits in the database.
  • Read the Madaster IFC-guidelines - it briefly describes the most important instructions for drawing up a BIM model.
  • Read the Madaster BIM IFC import - this describes the import of IFC files within Madaster.
  • Read the Madaster BIM IFC export – this briefly describes the steps to export an IFC file.
  • Download the Madaster IFC export template for Archicad - this includes the most optimal export settings for a IFC file to the Madaster platform.
  • Download the Madaster Smart View set (BIMCollab) - Import this file into the BIMCollab Zoom solution to validate the quality of your IFC file.
  • Download the BIMCollab Zoom Solution (free IFC viewer) and associated Quick Start Guide.

Reference works

Madaster Servicedesk

Do you have questions? Contact Madaster by telephone 0031 85-0601242 or e-mailadress service@madaster.no.

Release Notes

More information about the releases can be found here: