Data Settings

Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

From this page you can see which information is available for your account/level/building. You can choose to disable certain information for your account/folder/building:

  • Material flows
  • Scarcity
  • Detachability
  • Madaster Circularity Indicator
  • Financial Net Present Value
  • Financial Current Value
  • Environmental. If one of these options is disabled, the information will no longer be visible in the account.

Further for information which is available under the account/folder/building, Targets can be set. These targets can be set on a more detailed level for material flows and environmental KPIs.1

At folder or building level, all datasettings inherit by default the presets defined at a higher level.

It is possible to break this inheritance by clicking ‘break inheritance’ in the toolbar. Once the inheritance is broken it is possible to create new datasettings for this lower and all lower levels. When inheritance has been broken, there is a possibility to restore the inheritance which will delete all datasettings defined at this level.

How do I modify data settings and sets target?

Click on Edit in the toolbaar

  • Check on/off which information should be available for your account/folder/building
  • Select the target you want to set, enter the value.

    Note: Publishing this setting at a level with a lot of subfolders or building might take a while.

Click on Save or Cancel.

  1. Targets are not yet used in the platform, but will be used in the future.