Buildings - General

Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

If you have opened a building, you will be taken to the general information about the building. You will see a display of the building’s general information. If you have entered an address, you will see a map with the location. If images of the building have been added, you will see these images.

The tabs in the main screen

The information about the building is divided into a number of tabs: ‘General’, ‘Dossier’, ‘Users’, ‘Building’, ‘Building process’, ‘Circularity’ ‘Financial’ and ‘Apps’.

  • General; general information about the building, such as address, cadastral data, function, gross-square-meters.
  • Performance The performance overview of your building, showing the KPIs for the building.
  • 3D; here you can view the building in 3D.
  • Dossier; all files uploaded with this building and the material passports created for this building can be found here. For each tab you can get more information by clicking on the ‘information’-icon on the right side of the bar: this will take you directly to the correct explanation.
  • **Mass; an overview of all materials and products used per building shell, and classified according to the chosen classification for materials. ““renovation”” in the General tab.
  • Circularity; this tab provides information about the Circularity Performance of the building.
  • Environmental; this tab provides information about the Environmental Performance of the building.
  • Financial; this tab provides information regarding the Financial Indication of the building.
  • Building process; information about the products and materials used, classified according to the building’s construction process. This tab is only available if the building has been given the phase renovation.

The toolbar

  • Modifying the building: After this you will arrive at a screen where you can edit data such as name, address and cadastral information. Click on ‘Save’, after which the data will be adjusted.
  • Move the building: You can move the building to another portfolio by clicking on ‘move building’ in the general tab. You will see a dropdown with available portfolios where the building can be moved to. Note: This may affect the rights of users who have access to this building.
  • Delete building: With this button you will see a dialog where you can immediately delete this building. Attention! This will delete the building, and all related data about the building, the source files and the general files, as well as the material passports! There is no ““recovery”” option for this.
  • New database; Create a new database for this building. Multiple databases can be created per building;
  • Creating material passports: After uploading source files to the building, you can create a material passport. Files with ‘active’ status will be included in the Material Passport. This allows you to export all active data to a PDF and Excel file, which you can download to your computer.

Click on the button Create Material Passport. The file you now create will be saved under the tab ‘Dossier’ at this building, in the folder ‘Passports’. You will receive a notification when this process is finished. From that tab you can always download, view or delete the created file again. You will automatically arrive here after you have clicked on ‘Create Materials Passport’. Click on the icons behind the file to view/download/delete/change or move the passport.

Upload file: This button opens a dialog box where you can directly upload a source file or a general file.


  • Upload; via dialog box files can be uploaded into the account’s file.


  • Add user; vadd or invite a new user.
  • Add API token; Generate an API token to invite a system as a user.


  • Filter; filter on materials or products;
  • View; change of display of rules and columns.
  • Sourcefiles; view the quality check of the active source files.


  • Filter; filter on materials or products;
  • View; change of display of rules and columns.


  • CI Detail view; go to the detail page of the circularity indication.


  • Materiaalgroepen; ga naar de detailpagina met de financiele indicatie op basis van de Materiaalgroepen;
  • Gebouwlagen; ga naar de detailpagina met de financiele indicatie op basis van de Gebouwlagen en hun verwachte levensduur.


  • If available there is a button for the functionality of the partner.