Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

On this page you will find all products that are present in the selected database, In the case of the database of an full building archive: you will find all products that are linked to the elements in the archived building.

database: This is where the materials, products and database properties can be processed..

Users: users or API tokens can be added here.

Shared with: here this database can be shared with other accounts, folders and/or buildings. Dossier: only available if the databse import/export feature is activated. Here you can export/import the database to/from an excel file .

The toolbar - under the navigation tabs

  • Edit database properties; change the name of the database and set whether this database should be set as default in the upload process;
  • Delete database; delete this database; Only possible if no products are linked to this database;
  • Add product; add a new product to this database.

Main screen

Left margin

On the left hand side you will find a ‘search’ filter at the top. This allows you to search for a name or number in the database.

Type of product

At Madaster we have four types of products: Volume, Surface, Length and Piece products. If you do not know exactly what type of product you are looking for, you can select all four types. In that case all products will be shown. If you only want to see materials in the overview you can open the filter ‘product type’. When you then select ‘Materials’ below, you will only see the materials that are known within the Madaster platform.


You can filter on products that have environmental information in the selected compliancy filter

Material Families

You can filter for products that have a certain material family in the selected material family filter.

Main screen

This part of the screen shows all materials and products that meet the search or filter criteria. The columns display the name, the product code, the product type and the supplier respectively. Finally there are two icons: a ‘pen’ icon to modify the material or product, an arrow icon to display information about the material or product.

How do I change material/product data?

If you have rights to edit materials and products, you can see a ‘pen’ icon at the end of the line, behind the material in the main screen. Clicking on this icon will take you to the screen of product in question, in order to edit the data. Change the data you want to change. What cannot be changed with a product is the type of the product. Click on the ‘Save’ button to edit the data and return to the overview.