Passport presets

Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

This page shows the list of predefined presets for passports for the account/folder/building

A preset for passport contains a set of properties/kpi’s that are used to generate a passport for a building.

At folder or building level, all presets inherit by default the presets defined at a higher level.

It is possible to break this inheritance by clicking ‘break inheritance’ in the toolbar. Once the inheritance is broken it is possible to create new presets for this lower and all lower levels. When inheritance has been broken, there is a possibility to restore the inheritance which will delete all presets defined at this level.

How do I add a new preset for passport?

Click on ‘add passport preset’. A new window will open.

  • Enter the name of the preset and choose its type.
  • Select the information that should be included in the passport.

    When adding an Environmental KPI, do not forget to press on the (+) button to add the KPI to the list.

Click on ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’.