Last updated: June 20, 2024

The financial module

The financial module shows what the residual value of a building is, at the end of the different lifespans of products, expressed in terms of material value. In addition, it shows the material value of today and the predicted development towards the future. The financial tab therefore does not assume building value based on a BAR/NAR method or other appraisal values, but calculates the material value of the materials within a building excluding land value. With the navigation bar at the top, material groups and building layers can be navigated between the different calculation methods.

Which number represents my residual value?

The residual value of the different building layers, on the different end of life per building layer (layer of Fire), is calculated net cash back to today in the level ‘building layers’. This means that this is the net present value of the residual value based on the expected functional life of materials. This functional life differs per building layer. If you assume that a building will remain completely intact during the use phase, the net present value of a building depends on the end of the life of the building. This net present value calculation can be viewed for the different years in the future via the material groups tab. The current value of the materials within a building can be found in the material groups tab.”