Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

The process of matching, of (IFC) element with a product or a material, is carried out automatically by Madaster after importing and dissecting the source file. It is possible that elements have not been matched, or that a wrong matching has taken place on the basis of the search criteria. In the LITTING screen the matching process can be viewed.


On the left side is a search and filter function available. The filter categories can be unfolded to make a selection:

  • Status element; filter on linked/unlinked elements. Especially for the enrichment of unlinked elements the most important filter;
  • Calculation element; filter on included / excluded elements;
  • IFC type; filter on available IFC types;
  • Construction phase; filter on existing construction phase (existing / demolition / hull / new / final);
  • Building layers; filter on existing shearing layer;
  • Floors; filter on existing storey;
  • Classification methods; filter on available classification code;
  • Unit dimension; filter on dimension unit: volume / surface / length.


The main screen shows the list of all elements contained in the source file. The columns display the information:

  • Element; element name from the source file;
  • Materials; material name(s) from the source file;
  • Product/material; the product/material to which the element is linked;
  • Number; the number of elements of this type/name;
  • Icon: link.

3D Viewer

At the top of the window, in the blue bar, there is a button to activate a 3D viewer. This is only possible if the source file is an IFC model:

  • Show 3D model; the 3D viewer opens and shows the total model;
  • Show selection in 3D model; the 3D viewer opens and shows the selected element(s).

If an element is selected in the 3D view, a dialog block appears, with which the elements can be headed/disconnected, or embedded/excluded. At this time, the element in question is not yet selected in the list.