Last updated: June 20, 2024

What information is shown here?

You can create a new type of folder here, which can be applied to the entire account to create a suitable organizational structure for your Madaster account. You will see a button bar with the button to create a new folder type. Below that you will see the list of already created folder types.

How do I add a new folder type?

Click on ‘add folder type’. A new window will open.

  • Enter the name of the folder type.
  • Enter (if possible) the plural form of the folder type.
  • If possible, enter a description of the folder type.

Check the properties that this folder type will have:

  • Folder type allowed under account? (this type of folder can be used on the highest customizable level)
  • Buildings can be added to this type of folder. (This type of folder can contain buildings. If not, it can only contain other folders)
  • Is an address required before type of folder? (If so, an address must be entered if this type of folder is used)
  • Is an area defined by spatial coordinates for this folder type? (If so, spatial coordinates should be defined if this folder type is used).
  • Allow search criteria: Private search criterias on supplier or verified database can be added at the folder level of this folertype and will be applied to all buildings created under it1.
  • CRREM report generation possible: normally, a CRREM report can only be generated for the whole account. If this option is enabled, a CRREM report can also be generated for folder of this type. (CRREM is a paid feature).

Specify further:

  • Type of folders allowed as subfolders: determine which type of folders can be used as subfolder in this type of folder.
  • Icon: give your folder an icon, which is visible in the margin.
  • Logo: give your folder a logo, which becomes visible in the map of the folder.

Click on ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’.

  1. adding private searchcriteria slows down the matching process, use them wisely.